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We design & install / Construct / Maintain:


* Low Voltage Lighting systems for security, beauty, functionality, safety.
* Water features: fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, Koi fish ponds.
* Sidewalks, steps, patios with brick pavers, concrete, flagstone, etc.
* Retaining walls made of stone, boulders, SRW units.
* Free standing walls and columns.
* Children's play areas: swing sets.
* Fences including invisible dog fence.
* Structures: deck, pergola, trellis, arbor.
* Drainage projects: dry creek bed, French drain, grate & pipe system.
* Irrigation, especially drip irrigation.
* Entertainment areas: outdoor kitchens, fire pit, sitting areas.


* Low maintenance, sustainable & envirionmentally sound designs &
plantings to integrate your home to the ground.
* Mowing & lawn projects.
* Maintenance of lawn / landscaping & hardscapes such as low voltage
* Reduced energy costs with proper plantings & location.
* Create outdoor room designs: private, public & service areas.
* Theme gardens: rock gardens, formal, cultural.
* Rose gardens, perennial gardens, 'walk thru' gardens.
* Islands & berms.

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