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Custom Design :

We come to your home or business and discuss your wants & needs, offer suggestions & recommendations & alternatives. We explain advantages & disadvantages of numerous alternatives, take a group of digital pictures and measurements of area(s).

Taking the rough concept(s) agreed to, a detailed, scaled drawing and estimate will be made. You will then be invited by appointment to a personal tour of our outdoor showroom (we do not have a public retail nursery). With the drawing & estimate in hand, you will see the actual mature plants, walls, pavers, lighting, pond, patio, children's play area, etc. that is in your customized plan.

This leaves no surprises!

You know exactly what you're getting and how much it costs.

We go through how long it will take to build, what the building steps are and type of equipment
used. We also go over written maintenance requirements or we can perform your maintenance, including adding seasonal color, etc. as needed. And of course we are always around to call or stop by if you have any questions or concerns later on down the road!

We are fully insured so that if a worker had an accident on your property; then, you have no responsibility. Plus full liability insurance so that any property damage could be repaired.

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